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The Steering Group meetings are changing. Meetings will now be every other month and for the rest of this year will be in July, September and November. Check the meetings page for the latest.
It is your clinic and you are welcome to come along and voice your opinion about clinic management, give feedback and let staff know how you're feeling about the services provided by the clinic. Perhaps you have an idea or a suggestion. If you cannot make it to the meetings or would prefer not to attend but would still like to have your voice heard, please feel free to email to This email is only to communicate with the website admin and will not be able to respond about any sexual health enquiries or clinic appointments.



7 December 2017

The Christmas party at the clinic was a small quiet affair but successful, despite the low numbers. Our compere for the evening, Bernard was marvellous, the hot food was appreciated and supplied by Collier's Wood Tandoori in Merton High Street. The entertainment was mainly a karaoke evening, hosted by the wonderful Wayne (not that one). Thank you to Pat for organising the hamper and raffle for it! A thank you also to Jezz for supplying a bottle of Prosecco, donated by Waitrose. It was used as a runner-up prize in the raffle. Thanks to Stephen for providing the fun and games.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and we hope you had a great time.


11 October 2017

From 1st October 2017, all sexual health services, once at The Courtyard Clinic, will be provided by Balham Health Centre, 120-124 Bedford Hill, London, SW12 9HS. Tel.: 0333 300 2100.
❏ Health Advisers Bernard, Stephanie and and Anne are permanent fixtures within the HIV Services at the Courtyard and Clare will be re-joining the team soon. And it's true... Helen is back. YAY!
❏ The Pharmacy department remains at the clinic.
❏ Steering group meetings will stil be held in the conference room for the time being.
❏ Gay Men's clinic evening is no longer held at the Courtyard and is at Balham Health Centre It is every Monday evening between 5-7pm. It is a walk-in service.
❏ The massage complimentary therapy treatment remains at the Courtyard. Friday mornings are unchanged though the Tuesday evenings may need reviewing owing to a lack of staff in the clinic at that time.


1 April 2017

talksouthlondonFriend of the website and clinic, Andrew is a qualified and registered Counsellor and Psychotherapist and we would like to mention that he has counselling service available in neighbouring areas to the clinic. Andrew works with his clients in various local places. If you suffer with depression, anxiety and/or confidence issues, why not give Andrew a call to see if he can help. Rates apply.

Click or tap the poster on the left for larger version.







16 March 2017

successThe first get together of 2017 started well... it was curry night at The Courtyard. A choice of chicken or vegetable curries served with rice, popadoms and samosas. There was plenty and the Indian take away service provides us with enough cartons for us all to be able to have second helpings to take home. Next, we enjoy another fascinating seminar which is available for you to watch <see below or click here for the video>. It's the 11th in our series and this time was Dr Hegazi outlining some interesting and useful facts and statistics about HIV transmission. She then gave a short talk about ways to cope around being positive and living with HIV. There was a question time after which proved to be really useful. The evening was called: Positive About Being Positive. Bernard then separated the audience in to 3 teams and we spent about half an hour engaging with one another, discussing topics around living and/or working with HIV. We spoke to one another about a negative and then a postive about living with HIV. And the last discussion was what do we do about staying positive.


24 March 2017

We've been very busy putting together some informational webinars for you. If you haven't been able to make it to the clinic for these seminars then you can now see them here. Click or tap on one of the images below to open the relevant YouTube video and unleash the talent behind some familiar faces!

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15


15 December 2016

Well now... Lebanese food, Karaoke by Wayne (not that one), party games by Stephen, Chirtsmas hamper raffle (thanks to Pat & Eric) and general fun and a catch up with everyone... that was Wednesday night at the Christmas Get Together.

And that video above was all made possible by hiring the wonderful Wayne (not that one) who is a club and karaoke DJ. We played some fun games hosted by Stephen and the food was a variety of Lebanese dishes provided by a local restaurant "Meza" which was really tasty. The hamper for the raffle was huge this year, thanks to Pat & Eric.



14 December 2016


With a lot of media coverage about PrEP, here at the Courtyard Clinic, we are keen for everyone to know all they need to know about PrEP... What it is? Who is it for? Can I get it? Can I take it? Where can I buy it? How do I know if I'm buying the real thing, particularly if buying online? Here some great websites with some useful, some critical information and a good guide about PrEP.

namaidsmap Depending on your browser or how you are seeing, this link is a .pdf file containing some useful information including the official policy on PrEP, buying online guide, points to think about before deciding to start PrEP, tests involved beforehand and during PrEP and more.
iwantprepnow This website is designed by volunteers who support that PrEP is an excellent way of help to prevent the spread of HIV.


23 August 2016

metroIf you've got some time spare, Metro would really like to hear from you. Click on the image for more information.






17 June 2016

On Wednesday 15th June 2016 at 7pm, the Courtyard Clinic held another successful fun packed evening. Competitions, prizes, raffle, fresh smoothie and detox drinks stall, cake competition, fresh finger-buffet style food and soft drinks and a first for the clinic, live cabaret in the form of The Colliers Wood International Ukulele Orchestra who were so fabulous. Fabulous enough in fact that Wayne has put together just some of the brilliant songs they performed. Watch the video below and look out for some amazing (though crazy) dancefloor shapes from Helen, Mark and Barnard. Outstanding!


14 May 2016

As a side line to the webinars, we thought it would be fun to join the trend of interviewing whilst out and about in the car. So, to start us off, here's Wayne interviewing Nick, the clinic's complimentary massage therpist.

If you would like to have a massage, free of charge, then please call the Courtyard Clinic reception on 020 8725 3140 to book or make further enquiries.


17 March 2016


The corridors of the clinic were a hive of activity on Wednesday 16 March 2016. There were seven rooms in total and four teams. Each team spent ten minutes in a room where they were given a short talk and a quick Q&A session at the end. Bernard was moving around ringing a bell every ten minutes.
The rooms consisted of Mark as the doctor, diet and nutrition, members of staff from the Pharmacy department, Helen about resources online, Wayne and the patient's website, Emotional well-being from the Health Advisors and peer support group's Metro and South London Fellowship.
The evening started off with fresh hot food and once again it was Chicken Bhuna and a vegatarian curry, served with pilau rice, poppadoms and chicken samosas.


17 March 2016

glancetoeternityYosief Tewolde attends the Courtyard Clinic and has asked that we make you aware of a book that he has written and had published. The book tells the true story of Yosief's journey through life following an horiffic train accident.

He describes how he travelled through heaven and hell and how he has visited eternity and the realms of death.

Click on the book cover to go to the website to learn more of Yosief, his book and how to order a copy.

PLEASE NOTE: is not responsible for the opinions, beliefs and views of others and any external content away from this website.




30 January 2016

gmgGMG are a group of gay, HIV positive men living in or around London. They have members of all ages and include those who have been recently diagnosed with the virus, those who have been living with the virus for more than 20 years and everything in between. Our members live mostly in London but have come to the city from all over the UK and the world and we have been pleased to welcome visiting HIV+ gay guests from Sweden and the US in the last year.
They meet weekly in a group setting to discuss life, love, sex, health - anything to do with living with the virus and living as gay men. The group is a support group where members provide friendship and advice to one another in a good-humoured, non-judgmental environment and where everyone, newcomer or regular member, is free to raise any topic that the group members facilitate the group.
They also host several guest speakers who will give talks on a variety of topics ranging from Mental Health, Healthy Eating, Erectile Dysfunctionto Positively Ageing, Sex Addiction and the Newest Medications and Treatment Updates. In addition to the regular weekly meetings, they organise weekends away, picnics during Bank Holidays and a Chirstmas Party. All meetings are strictly confidential - as is membership of the group - so you can feel free to relax and express yourself with other Gay HIV+ men. You can see more information about confidentiality and how they try to ensure that the meetings are welcoming to all by reading our Ground Rules. They are not a Therapy Group but are there for Advice, Friendship & Support.
They meet on Mondays at 56 Dean Street, lower Ground Board Room from 5.30pm - 8pm. There are no formal refreshments, but regular group members always bring food to share (so there should be some fruit, biscuits and coffee). After 8pm, some members of the group go to the pub where they can socialise in a friendly environment.

If you would like to join or know of someone who could benefit from joining the group, then contact:

facebook_black twitter_black


15 December 2015

On the 20th October 2015, Dr Mark Pakianathan was first off the mark of a set of seminars produced by the staff of The Courtyard Clinic. Mark's talk was called HIV and Your Body. Next up and on 4 November 2015 Clinical Nurse Specialist Helen Webb gave us some useful information regarding Your Routine Blood Tests. The third seminar was a talk on HIV Transmission and was given by Dr Hegazi, Consultant in HIV and Sexual Health. This took place on 18 November 2015. Next up was Dr. Philip Hay, Reader and Honorary Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV. His talk which took place on 2 December 2015 was about Research and Clinical Studies in HIV. On 9 December 2015 Dr Mark was back with Antirectroviral Medicines and on 6 January 2016, Pharmacy Team Leader David Ogden gave a talk on coping with side effects and understanding interactions with other medicines. On 13 January 2016, Dr Rachel Hill-Tout enlightened us on some of the facts of Getting Older, Living Longer with HIV. And finally for now, on 27 january 2016, Ron Lamont and Amoy Chung presented our eighth seminar... Sexual Pleasures.


These seminars are provided completely free of charge for patients of the clinic by staff who are committed to helping and supporting you throughout life with health and wellbeing. From advice on medication and health to finances and benefits; the staff at The Courtyard Clinic show their support by using their resources and contacts. As healthcare professionals, they provide knowledge, support and advice to equip you with everything you need to make life more manageable.
If these supporting activites are not fully taken advantage of, then the trust may (and be justified to) utilise time and money elsewhere and these services will be lost.


23 September 2015


For a little while now, we've been using a Google calendar, tailor-made to for our own Courtyard clinic appointments. It's a useful source to remind yourself what's on at the clinic and any other local event elsewhere (if we've been told about it)!
Well, we've now added 13 new dates for your diary so use the calendar symbol on this site to see what's happening. If you click on the event itself you'll see more information about it and some users may have other options (for example to copy it to their own diary). The new dates are seminar events all taking place at the clinic and they are all for one hour, starting at 6pm. There is no need to book a place... just turn up.



17 March 2011
waynesaysstandbyme_blindmanAs I trawl the internet from day to day, I occasionally find hope, inspiration and comfort in the wonderfully written text or from videos on places like YouTube. This video still leaves me with the hairs on my arms raised and a warm positive feeling every time I watch it. If you've got the time, spend a few minutes watching this amazing compilation of busker'ing from around the world... at its best! My favourite without a doubt is Grandpa Elliott from New Orleans, Louisiana (pictured left, click for the video, or here).


malesilhouetteOur fun staff profiles section started back in October 2009 with Health Advisor Bernard Kelly. The following month Clinic Leader and Consultant Physician Mark Pakianathan joined the fun and then Helen Webb, Clinical Nurse Specialist. and Dr. Phil Hay is one of our latest entrants.


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